A Damaged Crown Needs Immediate Attention and Treatment

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Dr. Sula Umansky fashioned your dental crown to be durable enough to stand the test of time. However, there are some instances when a hard blow to the face or other oral accident can cause a chip or fracture in a crown. If you have a crown that is damaged in some way, you need to have it examined at Advantage Dentists as soon as possible. Without timely attention, it could result in serious complications.
You should never attempt to brush or clean the damaged crown. If the incident has exposed some of the abutment, your tooth might feel very sensitive. If you have blood and debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse them away using lukewarm saltwater. Any other cleaning should be left to your dentist’s highly skilled hands.
If the abutment was cracked or was otherwise damaged, it might cause serious complications. In a case like this, your dentist might need to perform a root canal to restore the damaged structure. Once this is done, they can start the process of fitting you for a new crown.
If you have a damaged dental crown in Katy, Texas, you should call 281-829-5000 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sula Umansky.