Are You Prepared for Oral Emergencies?

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Are you prepared for oral emergencies? Did you know never to use sharp tools when removing objects that are stuck in your mouth? Did you know that applying gauze can help stop bleeding in the event of an open wound caused by biting your lip or tongue? The difference of a few seconds with an oral injury and the choices you make could be the difference between a quick and successful recovery or a long and painful one.
For teeth that are shattered or broken, it may be possible for a dentist to fuse the pieces back together and hold them in place with a dental procedure such as a crown. If you are bleeding, gently apply a piece of gauze to the wound and be careful not to hit the root or nerve. Keep the gauze in place until the wound stops bleeding. Store the bits of the tooth in milk or a too-saver like Save-A-Tooth to ensure it may still be re-inserted by your dentist as soon as possible.
Another common oral emergency is caused by objects stuck in your mouth. Typically, an object stuck in your mouth should be removed with an interdental cleaner if it is stuck between your teeth. Never use a tool or instrument that is sharp, or this could cause further damage to your teeth and gums.
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