Our practice is proud to employ the benefits of multiple X-ray technologies to precisely analyze and plan applicable treatments. The digitalized images produced allow our patients to be more informed and involved in the visualization of their dental care. These include cephalometric, panoramic and intraoral X-rays.

Cephalometric X-rays are a unique tool that enables our team to take accurately detailed radiographic images of the side of the face. Advantage Dentists then uses these images to make dental care and planning as convenient and painless as possible. These X-rays do not require plates or film to be placed inside the mouth, and we are able to view the nasal and sinus passages, which is a feature not available with intraoral bitewing X-rays.

Our office continues to combine technology and care in an approach that produces countless beautiful smiles. For this reason, we also use intraoral digital X-rays in Katy and Humble, Texas. This is an excellent example of the modern practices implemented by Dr. Sula and Associates.

By utilizing panoramic X-rays, our dentists can view detailed images of our patient’s dental structure. At Advantage Dentists, our team is gentle and explanatory throughout your treatment with us. Please call 281-829-5000 to set up an appointment; we look forward to giving you the quality dental care you deserve.