The ADA Seal of Acceptance Can Only Be Printed on the Highest Quality of Oral Hygiene Products

Like many industries, oral hygiene products and their manufacturers are in constant competition for sales and profit. This drives some manufacturers to produce oral hygiene products with a dubious marketing claim to trick you. This can often make it challenging for you to find the highest quality of oral hygiene... Read more »

A Crown Can Be Used to Repair Several Dental Issues

A crown is a hollow replica of a single tooth’s enamel layer. It is anchored on a post-like abutment that was formed from the core structures of the tooth that were suffering from one of the multiple dental issues. The specific problem at hand, as well the tooth’s primary function... Read more »

The Evolution of Dentures Through the Ages

Dentures have been around for a surprisingly long time. Nearly as long as civilization, as far as the archaeologists have been able to tell. Each culture understands the need to replace missing teeth, so many different methods have been created. There are examples of primitive dentures made from human teeth... Read more »

Let Us Help Your Child with Dental Anxiety

Have you been putting off dental treatment for your child because they are afraid of dental procedures? Do they have a tendency towards dental anxiety, and are you worried that their smile is paying the price? If so, our team at Advantage Dentists is here to help! Drs. David K.... Read more »