How Thumbsucking Impacts Your Child’s Smile

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Did you know that a habit of sucking on thumbs can affect your child’s smile and disrupt their natural tooth alignment? The dangers of thumb sucking can be avoided by working with our dentist to help your child to overcome the habit.
A habit of thumb sucking can reduce the development of the teeth, which is why it’s important to help your child quit sucking on their thumb and fingers early on. Usually, children begin to receive their permanent teeth at about the age of four, and it is at this age that they should cease any thumb sucking. Another habit to break is using pacifiers, as these can be equally bad for your child’s dental health.
Many children use thumb sucking as a method of security, much as they would with a favorite blanket. You can help your child overcome thumb sucking by praising them and enhancing their confidence. If you are struggling to address your child’s prolonged thumb sucking, you may need to speak with their pediatrician about applying a safe but foul substance to their fingers in order to discourage their routine of thumb sucking.
It’s important to maintain proper care of your child’s teeth so that they can have their natural smile for a lifetime. To learn more about how to discourage thumb sucking in Katy, Texas, or to speak with our dentist about thumb sucking prevention tactics, contact Advantage Dentists at 832-DENTIST today to speak with our dentist, Dr. Sula Umansky.