Tobacco Stained Teeth Often Need Professional Whitening

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Individuals who frequently use tobacco products are often aware of the long-term threat it poses to their medical and oral health. Many tobacco users, including those who use tobacco on an occasional basis, frequently suffer from dental staining issues related to the excess tar and other chemicals introduced to the mouth.
If you have tobacco-stained teeth, you might be tempted to experiment with the dental whitening sold at the retail level. However, you will likely find them inadequate for doing more than removing minor surface stains from teeth. At the same time, overuse of these products can potentially harm your teeth and gums.
If you have teeth suffering from tobacco stains, the most effective method for restoring your white tooth enamel is to have a dental bleaching treatment performed by a dentist like Dr. Sula Umansky. The professional tools and techniques they uses can safely remove deeply set-in tobacco stains without harming your mouth.
Once your teeth have been professionally whitened you might want to explore your tobacco cessation options. It will help maintain your smile while also reducing your chances of suffering from certain oral health issues, including oral and pharyngeal cancer.
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